Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Perfect Spring Love Incense Recipe

This delightful incense blend can be burned during the spring season to attract new love and to strengthen the love in an already existing relationship.  You will need the following ingredients,
  • one teaspoon amber resin
  • one teaspoon lavender
  • one teaspoon lemon verbena
  • one teaspoon orris root
  • one teaspoon rose buds
  • nine drops tea rose oil
  • nine drops vanilla oil
  • thirteen drops lavender oil
  • thirteen drops lemon verbena oil
  • thirteen drops ylang ylang oil

Blend together the dry herbal ingredients.  Add the drops of essential oils.  Mix this blend thoroughly.  Burn this blend on a glowing charcoal briquette during prayers and spell work directed towards attracting new love and strengthening the love in an  already existing relationship. To attract a new relationship, carry this blend in a green or pink cloth bag with a parchment petition or talisman. Enjoy! 

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