Monday, March 31, 2014

Luna - Selene "The Horned Queen of Heaven"

The ancient Greco-Romans held March 31st sacred to Luna/Selene, the embodiment and personification of the moon.  Luna/Selene resides over the new moon and the beginning of all magick.  Luna/Selene may be called forth in prayer and ritual to attract perpetual love, to heighten beauty, to bring about new beginnings, to heighten psychic power, and to manifest desires.
A simple altar to Luna/Selene can be adorned with the colors; blue, ivory, and white. White flowers, images of the moon, and drinking horns are also traditional embellishments, placed upon an altar dedicated to Luna/Selene.  Cookies in the shape of the crescent moon are given as a libation to Luna/Selene, along with "sugared" milk served in a drinking horn.
The ingredients for the following recipe can be purchased at your local organic food store.  Place a few drops of this magickal blend onto your doors, candles, and crystals to manifest your heart’s desires, to heighten psychic power, and to attract positive energies. This simple ritual oil can also be prepared to harness lunar energies and in spells and rituals dedicated to Luna/Selene.

Full Moon Wish Oil
For this blend you will need the following ingredients,

one dram coconut oil or almond oil
one dram jasmine oil
one dram vanilla oil
one/half dram myrrh oil
pinch of jasmine
small white moonstone

Blend all ingredients together.  You may want to recite a personal incantation or chant while blending each ingredient.  Store in tightly sealed BLUE or VIOLET GLASS BOTTLES. 

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