Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rain Magick - By Firewolf

We as followers of the Old Wisdom, recognize the magickal forces of the Earth and incorporate those powers in our daily lives. With April just around the corner, I want to share with you, a few delightful charms using natural rain water.  From Medieval Witches to North American Rain Dancers, the ability and art of calling forth rain was a common practiced among many ancient cultures.   Rain fall was detrimental for the survival of many ancient tribes. 

Today, Rain Water is employed in magick and rituals focused upon blessing, cleansing, consecration, purification and removing evil. Rain water can also be used to cleanse and consecrate crystals, spiritual tools, and in creating sacred space.  Many believe, when collecting rain water during a specific time of day, week or year also enhances the magical properties of the Rain Water being collected.

How to Collect Rain Water for Magick

Clean and sterilize a large crystal or glass bowl.  Bring the bowl outdoors during a rain storm.  Using both hands, hold the bowl outwards.  As the rain begins to fill the bowl, state aloud a prayer or incantation in reverence to the magick of the Rain. You may also state aloud the following,

“Drop by drop, this elixir of light, a catalyst of magick that is good and right.  
So mote it be.”

You may want to place a large quartz crystal into the bottom of the crystal/glass bowl to enhance the water’s power.  Later, store in tightly sealed dark glass bottles

Lightning Water:  Gather rain water during a lightning storm.  Store in a tightly sealed blue or brown glass bottle.  Bathe or anoint yourself with this water for empowerment and protection.

Storm Water:  Gather rain water during a windy storm.  Store in a tightly sealed yellow glass bottle.  Sprinkle this water on your enemies doorstep to turn back evil or negativity.

Rainbow Water:  Gather rain water during a time when a rainbow is visible in the sky.  Store in a tightly sealed pink or red glass bottle.  Bathe with this water to promote healing vibrations and to attract self-esteem.

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