Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ostara Magick Potion - By Firewolf

Art by Amanda Clark
With the Ostara festivities ahead, 
I wanted to share this delightful ritual potion recipe.  This magickal potion is to be worn on the wrists, soles of the feet, onto the neck, candles, crystals and added to spells associated with the Witches’ Holiday, Ostara.  This potion can also be used to bring about new beginnings, to attract growth, luck, money, and love.
  • one-half cup almond oil
  • one dram honeysuckle oil
  • one dram lavender oil
  • one dram lemon verbena oil
  • two drams jasmine oil
  • pinch of lilac flowers
  • pinch of rose buds
  • one small rose quartz
Simmer the almond oil and herbal ingredients in a non-enamel pan.  Simmer for 5 minutes. You may want to recite a personal incantation or chant while the blend is simmering, directing your intentions into the Universe. Allow the blend to cool and add the herbal oils.  Store in tightly sealed PASTEL GLASS BOTTLES.

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