Sunday, January 5, 2014

Victory and Success Charms - Firewolf

Blessed Vica Pota!  In honor of this magickal day I have decided to share with you some wonderful charms employed in magick to bring victory, to conquer obstacles and to attract success. The Goddess Vica Pota or Victoria can be called upon in magick and ritual to aid one in gaining victory, victory over the physical, emotional and spiritual. These charms are simple and basic, but definitely pack a punch!  Enjoy!

Fearless Spell Oil: In a non-enamel pan, simmer one cup of coconut oil, one teaspoon of palm oil, seven bay (laurel) leaves, one teaspoon calendula flowers, one teaspoon white rose buds, and one white feather.  Simmer for 5 minutes and then allow the brew to cool.  After the brew has completely cooled, using a wooden spoon, blend in thirteen drops of rose and lemongrass oil. You may want to recite a personal incantation or chant directed towards “conquering obstacles.” Store in tightly sealed clear or yellow glass bottle.  Wear or anoint, a few drops of this magickal potion onto your doors, candles and crystals to overcome fear and to heighten personal strength.

Golden Success Incense: Blend together one teaspoon of frankincense resin, one teaspoon crushed bay (laurel) leaves, one teaspoon rose buds, one teaspoon calendula flowers, thirteen drops golden opium oil and nine drops clove bud oil.  Blend these ingredients together, burn on a glowing charcoal to bring victory, to conquer obstacles and to attract success.

“I Win” Spell Jar: To overcome and enemy who has done wrong, begin by writing their name, backwards, onto four bay (laurel) leaves.  Place the leaves into a mason jar.  On a piece of parchment paper, again write the name of your enemy four times, when you are finished draw a large “X” over the written names.  Sprinkle the paper with a pinch of salt, pepper, and sulphur.  Fold the paper four times and place into the Mason jar.  Fill the Mason jar with water and seal tightly.  Take the jar to the crossroads and leave it there.  Do not look back.

Victory Scroll:  On a piece of parchment paper, write the names, “NIKE”, “VICTORIA”, and “VICA POTA.”  Using a drop or two of lemongrass or Success Oil, draw a star onto the paper, state in your mind or aloud a personal incantation or chant asking the Goddess of Victory to aid you in your spell.  Fold the paper three times.  This parchment paper is carried to aid in winning victory, whether it be a job interview or soccer game.

Victory Witch Bag:  In a clear glass bowl, blend together one large high john the conqueror root, seven bay (laurel) leaves, one teaspoon orange peel, thirteen drops of lemongrass oil, and one citrine stone.  After the ingredients have been blended, carry them in a gold or yellow bag; to aid in achieving victory and to open roads towards success.

Kyle Brandon Leite (Firewolf) Copyright 2104