Friday, January 3, 2014

Vica Pota - Victory Magickal Wash

On January 5th, the ancient Romans celebrated the anniversary and festival of Vica Pota or Vicae Potae, “She of Victory and Conquering All.”  The goddess Vica Pota is identified with many other Greco-Roman Deities, such as Nike, Victoria and the Etruscan Lasa Vecu. In our Witches’ tradition we honor Vica Pota and draw in her magick on this sacred day.  We direct our minds and spells on gaining victory over our personal and spiritual battles.  The Chariot, the Wreath, and White Wings are her symbols. 
Our ancient ancestors marked this day with celebrations, reverence, and adoration of our Ancient Gods and Goddesses.  We burn lavender, pale blue, and gold candles in honor of Vica Pota.  Lavender candles are burned in matter of gaining victory in love, pale blue candles are burned in matters of gaining victory in health and gold candles are burned in matter of gaining victory in financial success.  A blend of white rose, high john the conqueror and frankincense creates a wonderful incense blend, which can be burned as an offering to her.

Vica Pota – Victory Wash

This magickal wash can be employed on the sacred day of Vica Pota to open roads, conquer obstacles and to bring about abundant success.

one gold candle
two cups of spring water
three laurel leaves
one small high john the conqueror root
one teaspoon white roses
one white feather
thirteen drops success oil or lemongrass oil
one teaspoon rum
yellow food coloring (optional)
one Mason jar

Simmer the spring water and the herbal ingredients for three minutes.  As the brew is simmering, light the gold candle and state aloud a personal prayer or incantation to the goddess Vica Pota.  You may also state the following,

“I charge this brew, with magick good and true, may you Victory in you many faces, aid me here with you powers and graces.  Infuse this brew with magick to conquer all obstacles and strife, guiding with an abundant and successful light.  I ask that only good come from this charm, may only good spirits enter here and cause no harm.  So mote it be.”

Add the brew to the mason jar.  Add the oil ingredients, rum, food coloring and the feather. On the day of Vica Pota, using a third of this brew, wash yourself in an upward motion.  Repeat once a day for three days.