Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Feast of Janus - Agonalia - January 9th

On January 9th the ancients celebrated and honored the God Janus the opener of doors and bringer of new beginnings. Janus is the Great Gatekeeper, the Opener of Doors and Pathways. He is also known as the God with two faces, both a man and a women. In some theologies he is represented as having a “third face” or “spirit face.”  We as Witches’ utilize the mysteries of Janus, we search within ourselves to open doorways towards deeper spiritual consciousness.  The word Agonalia is derived from the phrase “shall I ” which ancient priests would recite before sacrifices were made to the Gods.  In our Witches tradition we focus our minds and magick on the many mysteries of Janus, during this sacred day. Our altars are adorned with masks and two headed images, we burn candles of blue, red, and black.  We call upon Janus to aid us in our personal struggles, asking him to open the doors to any hidden knowledge that may aid us to resolution. This sacred holiday reoccurs on March 17th, May 21st, and December 1ST

Firewolf’s “Janus” Incense
  • nine drops amber oil
  • nine drops teakwood oil
  • one teaspoon clove buds
  • one teaspoon frankincense resin
  • one teaspoon myrrh resin
  • one teaspoon powdered orris root
  • one teaspoon yellow sandalwood bark

Blend the dry ingredients together in a non-metallic mixing bowl, adding the oils last.  Burn this magickal blend on a glowing charcoal briquette to open roads towards success and to call upon the magick of Janus.

"Come forth with the cuckoo [in March] 
Truly all things dost thou make open.
Thou art Janus Curiatius, the good creator art thou.
Good Janus is coming, the chief of the superior rulers."

- "The Salian Hymn to Janus"