Sunday, January 12, 2014

Concordia - January 16th!

With the Concordia festivities ahead, I am pleased to share with you a little Old Wisdom.  The ancients held January 16th as the anniversary of the temple to Concordia. Concordia is sometimes is described as both a deity and as metaphor.  Being the Goddess of agreement, she oversees all pacts and oaths.   Born of Aphrodite (Love) and Aries (War), she holds high esteem over the forces of union and marriage, she is called upon by many practitioners of the Old Wisdom, to aid in reaching compromise and solving marital problems.  Born of war and love, from Concordia we learn that even during brutal times, times of war and times of strife, we can still find harmony within ourselves. That harmony we find within ourselves, guides us to aid in solving any problem, harmoniously and correctly.
In her trinity aspect, Concordia is joined by Pax (Peace) and Salus (Security) and can be called upon to aid one in attracting a stable and prosperous environment. In our Witches’ tradition we focus our minds and magick on bringing tranquility and harmony into our lives and homes.  We cast spells and create charms to promote peace, attract tranquility and to bring about harmony in all that we do.  Concordia is the Greek equivalent to Harmonia and her opposite force is Discordia. Her sacred colors are white, pink, blue, and silver.

Harmony House Smudge:  In a glass bowl blend together one teaspoon of blue sage, one teaspoon of white rose buds, one teaspoon of lavender, one teaspoon of copal, and one teaspoon of chamomile.  To this herbal blend add thirteen drops of rose and lavender oil.  In a large fireproof bowl or shell, burn this blend on a glowing charcoal.  As this blend burns, walk through your home clockwise, you may want to state a prayer directed towards attracting harmony and tranquility.

Peace Oil: In a non-enamel pan bring to a simmer, one cup of safflower oil, one teaspoon of rose buds, one teaspoon of lavender buds, and one teaspoon of linden leaves. Simmer for 3 minutes.  You may want to recite a personal incantation or chant while the blend is simmering. Allow the brew to cool.  To the brew add thirteen drops of rose oil, thirteen drops of lavender oil, nine drops of musk oil, and nine of drops freesia oil. Store in tightly sealed blue or lavender glass bottles. Wear or anoint, a few drops of this magickal potion onto your doors, candles and crystals to attract peace, harmony and tranquility.

"As Apollon plays the lyre and the Mousai (Muses) sing:] Meanwhile the rich-tressed Kharites (Charites, Graces) and cheerful Horai (Horae, Seasons) dance with Harmonia (Harmony) and Hebe (Youth) and Aphrodite, daughter of Zeus, holding each other by the wrist."
 - Homeric Hymn 2 to Pythian Apollo 186 ff (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C7th - 4th B.C.)

Kyle Brandon Leite Copyright.