Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Clamshell Calcite @ Fort Drum

Over the past weekend we came across an amazing “crystal mine” in Fort Drum, Florida, know as Ruck’s Pit.  This specific mine is filled with Clamshell Calcite, a mineral-fossil composite, only found in Fort Drum.  Spontaneously, a day later, we were knee deep in dirt and mud, digging up these amazing crystal specimens, which are believed to be, over four million years old.   They appear as large Clam Shells (Mercenaria permagna), with calcite crystals formed on the interior.  After, these shells are cleaned and dried they are absolutely dazzling!  I began to ponder what magickal properties these delightful specimens carry? Calcite is used in many spells and magick associated with healing and drawing wealth, while shells and fossils are employed as divinatory tools and amulets for personal strength. For those visiting Florida, check out Fort Drum Mine! For more information on Ruck'sPit,

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