Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kleopatra Perfume @ Superstitious

The ancient Greeks and Romans learned the invaluable art of perfumery from the Egyptians. It is said that Marc Anthony purchased a perfume factory for the Egyptian Pharaoh, Kleopatra who was originally a Greek. Unlike many women during her time, Kleopatra was well versed in science and chemistry.  She was believed to be bilingual, but refused to speak Egyptian. Kleopatra sent her adopted daughters to seek out the finest and rarest ingredients for perfume making. The ancient Egyptians employed the use of cyprus, almond, frankincense, myrtle, roses, lilies and blue lotus in their perfume blends. These thick and vivacious unguents were applied to the body for both daily life and religious purposes. I wanted to replicate a perfume that would have been worn by Kleopatra herself. The search for many of these priceless ingredients was tedious but worth every moment. This delicious, high quality perfume is created with 100% pure essential oils, absolutes, fruit extracts and resins believed to attract love, to heighten passion, to bring luxury and wealth.  Each ingredient is respective to the ancient Egyptians and Kleopatra.

Ancient, Exotic, Luscious! 

“Superstitious Signature Kleopatra Perfume” is hand-made using only the finest natural ingredients.  This perfume blend was inspired by Kleopatra, the enchanting Queen of the Nile.  Superstitious Signature Kleopatra Perfume contains only all-natural ingredients, including; Blue Lotus, Pink Lotus, Rose, Myrtle, Frankincense, and much more. No animal testing or artificial colors. It will arrive in a .5 OZ. bottle.

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