Thursday, August 28, 2014

LUNA FIORE “Moon Flower”

The Moonflower is a species of morning glory that only opens during the evening. To those of the Old Ways, this mystical flower is commonly employed in spiritual workings focused on lunar magick, psychic enhancement and invoking feminine power.  Earlier this year I obtained a small vial of oil labeled Moon Flower Absolute (Ipomoea Alba). The benefactor of this rarity believed it was acquired from a local wildcrafter, who no longer was available as a supplier. The oil’s color was a light brownish green and appeared to be well aged. At first I questioned the authenticity, origin and extraction process of this unique discovery.  Flower Absolutes require large amounts of fresh flowers (steam or solvent extracted) and yield a minimal amount of absolute or concrete.

With little anticipation, my curiosity led me to open the bottle and take a whiff. Opening the bottle, a strange, woodsy, delicate aroma wafted in the air. It reminded me of cedarwood drenched in the finest honeysuckle and softest jasmine. The aroma absolutely glowed!  It was bright, delicate, complex, and woodsy with a hint of green spice. 

I was reminded of the glimmering moonflowers that grew in the garden of my childhood home. The aroma infused my mind with visions of the almost fluorescent flower bathing in the light of a full moon.  For weeks I kept the small glass bottle tucked away in my cabinetry. Later, I blended the oil into my personal lunar perfume, which I applied heavily during the recent Supermoon. The unearthly, aromatic glow captivated those around me who were exposed to its aroma.  After painstakingly searching, through dozens of phone calls and supply searches, today, I am unable to obtain even a small fragment of the peculiar oil.  

This delightful experience combined with my recent research on Ancient Perfumes and Unguents, inspired me to create a limited edition solid perfume, reflecting the glowing Moonflower. Both the Romans and Egyptians fashioned perfumes and unguents for religious ceremonies and daily finery. The unguents were produced in solid form by blending a variety of animal fats, oils, waxes and heavily scented floral and wood components.  These solid perfumes fused with the skin at a slower rate than alcohol based perfumes, preserving the natural essences and extending the perfume’s fragrance.

I wanted to harness the gentle scent of the Moonflower, so that when it’s applied the glow of moonbeams would cocoon the aura. I wanted to keep this blend simple and primeval - pungent enough to reveal the radiant beauty of the Moonflower and sophisticated enough to be worn by a priest or priestess of ancient times. This dazzling perfume has been drenched with white flowers, green woods and creamy, sweet spices.

“Luna Fiore” is Superstitious’s first signature solid perfume. This magickal unguent has been created with 100% pure essential oils, absolutes, fruit extracts, safflower oil and raw-organic-unbleached beeswax. “Luna Fiore” is comprised of ingredients that are held to be sacred to the Moon and Her many mysteries. This warm and pungent perfume may be worn during any spiritual rite focused on the moon and the feminine aspect of divinity.

“Superstitious Signature Luna Fiore Solid Perfume” is a dazzling perfume bouquet that is introduced with a White Pepper and Tangerine top note. This spicy yet sweet note escorts the perfect White Flower blend of Tuberose, Gardenia (Enfleurage), and Pikake (Jasmine Sambac), which has been laced with the dazzling glow of Sandalwood, Labdanum and Ylang Ylang as it’s base note.  This is the perfect magickal unguent for any full moon night!

No animal testing, animal ingredients or artificial colors. 100% VEGAN FRIENDLY.