Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Festival of Salus - Goddess of Security - Firewolf

In the ancient Mediterranean, August 5th was held sacred to the Goddess Salus, who is identified with Greek goddess, Hygeia.  The goddess Salus watched over the security, safety and success of the Mediterranean people.  She was honored with images of the Rod of Asclepius (a snake coiled around a staff) and offerings of sweet cakes and grains.  She is called upon in spiritual workings directed towards salvation, security, success, prosperity, safety and health.  The following prayer I state each year during the two sacred dates assigned to Salus, August 5 and March 30th.  

Salus Prayer - A Prayer for Security

To receive the blessings of Salus, burn a Light Green or White Candle, which has been anointed with Rose Oil. State out loud the following incantation,

“Lady of safety and correcting that which is not right, infuse me with your power and transcendent light. Infuse my magick with your charm, bringing fortune and keeping away harm.  Bring only safety and peace, this magick spell, to you I release.  May you place your favor on me and those I love, may you receive this prayer from high above.  So mote it be.”

Allow the candle to burn out completely. - Firewolf

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