Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blessed Nemoralia!

Festival of Torches - Festival of Diana

From August 13 - 15 the ancient people of the Mediterranean celebrated the festival of Nemoralia.  This sacred festival was held in honor and reverence to the Goddess Diana in her aspect as the Mother of Life.  The ancient Romans led processions during this celebration to Lake Nemi, where they left offerings and prayers to the Goddess.  Lake Nemi, a commonly known “sacred site” to Diana and her followers, was lit with torches; offerings of food, jewelry and talismans were left to the Goddess, in hopes of obtaining her favor.  In our Witches tradition we adorn our altars with white and silver candles, an array of white flowers, and we prepare sugar cakes and warm milk as a libation to Diana.  We recite her invocations, hymns and calls to attract her many blessings.

Queen Huntress Invocation - By Firewolf

“O’ Great Queen Huntress, Lady of the moon and the night. Hear my song of adoration, hear my voice when, I call in your light. Great Queen of the quiver and bow, when the Full Moon, rise high in the sky,  A spell for you I will sow,  to receive your favor by frog or fire-fly.

Great Queen Huntress, quick as air, as my intent burns strong with desire Grant my wishes of magick and with your loving care, Lend me the magick of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

O my beautiful Queen Goddess,  I strongly stand before Thee. Calling upon thy beauty and magick, as my ancestors did in ancient history. See me when I reach toward heaven, 
 when my arms reach upward toward the heavens. 
When the Full Moon shines upon me, 
grant me Thy blessings, O Queen Huntress.

Teach me the magicks of the moon, earth, and sun, Teach me the lessons of love and life, O’ Great Queen Huntress, with your hair in a bun, Remove negativity, bad luck and strife. I call upon thee, in thy ancient name, Huntress. Queen, Mistress of the Night, Bless me with your power, surround me with your protective light! So mote it be!”