Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feast of Apollo – February 9th

On February 9th many practitioners of the Old Wisdom celebrate the Feast of Apollo.   During this time the ancient Sun God is honored and celebrated with festivities and libations.  He is called upon in ritual for his blessings and favor of light and good health. This light is directed into our homes and lives, to bring positive energies and healing vibrations.  Spells and magick focused on healing and creativity are conjured and cast.  This is the best time to search for one’s inner “muse.”  We laugh, sing, and dance in honor of this Solar King. 
Apollo reminds us of the warmer days ahead and that; within light, hope and truth are found. A simple ritual for the Feast of Apollo could consist of simply drinking a cup of Chamomile Tea at Sunrise.  During this “Solar Tea Time,” as one of my teachers would say, state a prayer to Apollo and to the Sun. Focus your prayer on healing the mind, body and spirit. Focus the prayer on opening doors to creativity and success. You may also place a small citrine or sunstone in the bottom of the cup.  Later carry the stone as an amulet for healing and positive energy.

Apollo Incense

one teaspoon frankincense resin
one teaspoon laurel leaves (bay leaves)
one teaspoon marigold flowers
one teaspoon chamomile
thirteen drops heliotrope oil
nine drops bay rum oil
three drops orange blossom oil

Blend the ingredients together in a non-metallic bowl.  Burn on a glowing charcoal to attract healing, to promote creativity and to call upon the magick of Apollo!

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