Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yuletide Love Spell Recipes - By Firewolf

During the cold winter months, many find themselves sitting by the warm fire and spending time with those we love.  During this magickal time of year, Witches utilize the cold winter’s magick as a catalyst for attracting love, enhancing love, and for healing. The winter months bring families closer together, in ancient time families would gather around their fireplaces, the only source of warmth in their homes, and cast spells to enhance their love lives, healing rifts between family members, and for protecting the home.  We as Witches spend this time drawing in the energy of the everlasting Sun and fill our homes with the remaining light.

Yuletide Love Potion
  • one dram apple oil
  • one dram orange oil
  • 1/2 dram juniper oil
  • 1/2 dram rose oil
  • three holly berries
  • one teaspoon orange peel
  • thirteen clove buds

 Blend the ingredients together in a red or pink tightly sealed glass bottle. You may want to recite a personal incantation or chant while adding each drop of essential oil.  Wear or anoint a few drops of this magickal potion onto your doors, candles and crystals to draw love and bring warmth and light into to your home, store in tightly sealed red and pink bottles.  This potion can be worn on the neck and wrists to attract love or anointed onto pink and red candles in spells associated with winter love.

Yuletide Love Spell Incense

one part apple peel
one part orange peel
one part juniper berries
one teaspoon rose buds
one teaspoon lavender buds
thirteen clove buds
one teaspoon myrrh resin
one teaspoon frankincense resin
21 drops Yuletide Love Potion

Grind all dry ingredients and add the potion one drop at a time, mixing it slowly.  Store in tightly sealed containers.  Burn on a glowing charcoal to draw love and heighten positive energy in your home.

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