Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pandora’s Box Spell - By Firewolf

A New Year’s charm to attract positive change and hopeful thoughts.  For this spell you will need the following ingredients,
  • a necklace
  • black pen
  • one small box with lid
  • parchment paper
  • three quartz crystals
  • white flowers (dried)
During this charm it is best to focus on the story of Pandora and the story of Hope, the last item left in her magick box.  This delightful charm was inspired by a gift from my mother. Many years ago, I received a beautiful ornamental box as a gift; inside included other gorgeous items and implements.

Gather the ingredients of this spell to your spiritual altar or to an empty table, during a time that you will be undisturbed. Place each item around the box in a circular pattern. Using the black pen, write a list of hopes, dreams and aspirations onto the parchment paper.  Sprinkle the white flowers into the box and state aloud an incantation directed towards attracting positive change and removing obstacles.  You may also state out loud the following incantation, three times,

“I call upon ancient power, to heed my spell this magickal hour.  Graceful Pandora, keeper of hope and light, empower this spell to be good and right.  Remove all obstacles from my way, bringing only good to me each day.  So mote it be.”

Hold the necklace in your left hand and the parchment in your right. In your mind, envision the change in which you desire. See yourself achieving your goals and dreams. See yourself protected from any and all obstacles that may be in the way of your success.  Place the necklace and the parchment into the box.  Lastly, hold the crystals in your right hand. State out loud a prayer or incantation directed towards sealing our charm.  You may also state out loud the following incantation, 

“Graceful Pandora, I call to thee, grant me your favor and embrace this plea.  I ask for happiness, positive change and light, this spell of good magick I cast tonight. So mote it be.”

Place the crystals into the box.  Place the lid on top of the box to seal in the contents.  Display it prominently in your home or in your sacred space.  You may place written wishes and dreams, inside this magickal box. This spell may be repeated any time hope and change is needed.

- Firewolf

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