Monday, October 6, 2014

The Death Card Spell - By Firewolf

With the Samhain festivities ahead, I wanted to focus this blog entry on the often misunderstood Death Tarot Card. Contrary to popular belief, the Death Card or Card 13 does not foretell the physical death of a person, bur rather the end of a project, plan, or relationship.   It also represents the harvest and the results of our actions. In many depictions of this card, the reaping skeleton seems to be smiling with hilarity, knowing the many humors in life. The Death Card represents the gateway to the infinite and the gateway to needed change. The sickle the reaper holds represent the sacrifices we must make to achieve success and overcome adversary.

Death is not a singular happening, it occurs in the physical, mental and spiritual. The Death Card, depicting what we see as the reaper, draws in the magick of the harvest, the result of our work, and the yield that each of us works towards. This card is not to be viewed as good or evil, but as a working force or mechanism in the cycle of Life.  In ritual and magick, the Death Card calls forth the power of the Goddess Proserpine and the Gods, Osiris, Pluto and Hades.  In our Witches Tradition we employ the Death Card in spiritual workings to overcome obstacles, to create change and manifest our desires.

The Death Card Spell - By Firewolf

The following spell is designed to remove obstacle and to manifest one’s true desires!  For this spell you will need the following ingredients,

one red candle
one black candle
one black cloth bag
copy of the Death Card
one small garnet
small cauldron
one tsp. heather
one tsp. cypress leaves
one tsp. basil
2 pieces parchment paper
black pen

Gather the ingredients of this spell to a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. Blend the herbal ingredients of this spell together and place aside.  On one piece of parchment paper, using the black pen, write the obstacles in which you are facing. On the second piece of parchment paper, write the desire you wish to achieve. Place the red candle to right and the black candle to the left of your working space. Place the Death Card Copy in the center. 
Create sacred space in your usual manner.  Light the black candle and state out loud the following incantation,

“This magickal candle that I light, represents the obstacles in my life. I call forth good power to remove this strife. With this magickal candle’s fire, I remove these obstacles to grant my desire. So mote it be.”

Light the red candle and state out loud the following incantation,

“This magickal candle that I light, to draw the magick of fire to my spell. With this magickal candle’s fire, may this flame act as a catalyst to manifest my desire.  So mote it be.”

Fold the Death Card Copy into the parchment paper where you have written the obstacles you are facing.  As you fold the card and paper together, state out loud the following incantation,

“I now call this ancient power, to remove and reap away these obstacles during this sacred hour. Great reaper of the unknown, with your magick this spell is sewn. So mote it be.”

Burn the copy and the paper by igniting it in the flame of the black candle. Spend a few moments focusing on the reaper image of the Death Tarot Card casting away your obstacles. Sprinkle a teaspoon of the blended herbal ingredients onto the parchment paper in which your desires are written.  Fold the herbs into the paper.  Snuff the black candle out and state out loud the following incantation,

“By the magick of the ancient card of death, I remove away any obstacle in my way from attaining your desire, I ask that this spell be cast in the most correct manner harming none. So mote it be.”

In the black cloth bag place the remaining herbs, the garnet stone and the folded paper.  Leave the black cloth bag next to the burning red candle.  Allow the candle to burn out completely. Carry the black cloth bag with your for thirteen days.  After the thirteenth day, bury the black cloth bag in a cemetery, near a beloved relative or friend.

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