Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fortuna’s Simple Prosperity Spell - Firewolf

This simple spell can be used at anytime to attract wealth and riches. On a Sunday or Thursday morning, during the waxing or full moon, light a gold or green candle anointed with sunflower or mint oil.  State the following prayer three times,

“Before me stands a magickal golden mist. Before me, a fair Goddess balances on a golden ball. In Her arms a cornucopia is cradled like a newborn child. A glistening crown of sovereignty and fortune sits on her head, with honor. I reach my hands towards Her. I feel and embrace her many blessings and many magic's. She surrounds my spirit with the golden mist. This mist fills every crevice of my being. She kisses my forehead. Her breath lingers like sweet Heliotrope and Mint. She is Fortuna, Goddess of Luck, Fate, Fortune.  She of many blessings. With her favor, may she abundantly bestow fortune towards all my endeavors. I ask this favor of the golden queen, blessed be.”

Allow the candle to burn out completely.  When you are finished take a shower and wear fresh clean clothes, in the colors of green, gold or black.  Repeat once a day for three days. 

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