Friday, April 25, 2014

Floralia Beltane Potion - By Firewolf

With the May Day (Beltane) celebration ahead, I want to share this charming “Beltane Potion Recipe.” This herbal blend can be worn to attract love, heighten passion and as a sacred oil applied during any Beltane or May Day festivity. In our tradition, during May Day, we honor and show reverence to the Goddess Flora.  The Goddess Flora rules over spring flowers, fertility, and growth.

From April 27th until May 2nd the ancient people of the Mediterranean celebrated the Floralia festival, honoring the Goddess Flora and the fertility of the Earth.  Sacred ceremonies, theatrical performances, and games were held.  Symbols of fertility adorned the streets, live hares and goats were released in public, representing the spread of “abundant fertility.”  Beans and Lupins where thrown into the streets and into crowds, representing the planting of a prosperous harvest.

In our tradition we adorn our spiritual altars with spring flowers, we tend to our magickal gardens, we prepare charms for fertility and conception, and we hold outdoor celebrations, honoring the blooming of spring, with our family and friends.  This magickal potion blend was created using botanical ingredients sacred to Flora and those corresponding to the May Day/Beltane festivities.  It simple, yet elegant aroma, tickles the nose with thoughts of passion and delight.

Flora Beltane Potion

½ cup almond oil
½ cup coconut oil or jojoba oil
nine drops frangipani oil
nine drops musk oil
thirteen drops clove bud oil
thirteen drops jasmine oil
thirteen drops ylang ylang oil
twenty-one drops rose oil
three hawthorn berries
pinch of rose buds

Blend the ingredients together in a green or brown glass bottle.  You may state a prayer or incantation while blending this brew.  This blend can be worn as a perfume, anointed onto magickal tools, and added to a ritual bath, taken before any Beltane or May Day festivity