Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beltane - May Day - Festival of Fertility and Fire

The cool summer breeze has just begun pouring through the windows of my home.  I tend to my magickal plant familiars, who are enjoying the abundant sunlight.  My mind and heart is gripped with the anticipation of the Beltane festivities ahead.  Tonight, May Eve, is a sacred time in the wheel of seasons and marks the summer half of the Witches Calendar.
May Eve and May 1st has been celebrated in many cultures throughout the world, as a time of power and ancient magick. During this time, in the Witches’ tradition, we pay reverence and acknowledgement to the Divine union of the male and female aspects of divinity (God and Goddess). Our altars are adorned with colors of green, pink and red; to project for love and fertility. Gods and Goddesses of love and passion are invoked into our daily lives and activities. We focus much of our prayers and magick towards nourishing our spiritual growth. We draw in the light of the radiant sun, we tend to our magickal gardens, and we cast spells to attract and heighten love.
Fairy magick is also commonly performed during this time. The veil between the world is at it’s thinnest, for Beltane is the cross Sabbat to Samhain or Halloween. This holiday marks a very sacred and magickal time of the year when witches twist and bend beautiful colored ribbons around a maypole, an ancient pagan symbol.  The maypole itself symbolizes the masculine energy entering the feminine. With the warm weather finally here, many of us spend our time with family, friends and with our local communities. We laugh, we sing and enjoy the company of one another.

Blessings to Everyone - Beltane 2104 – Firewolf

Beltane Chant – By Firewolf

"Bonfire’s roaring, laughter filling the air, 
the summer heat soaring, a lover’s charming stare."