Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thunder Moon Blessing Bath Wash Recipe

The following recipe is to be created on the night before the full moon of July and is employed to attract all-around blessings and positive energy. The Thunder Moon or Blessing Moon is a wonderful time to project spells focused towards accomplishment, astral workings, blessings, divination, prosperity, psychic protection and victory. The spring water required for this recipe should be collected from a natural source - it is to be gathered within three days before the Full Moon. The full moon of July is known as the Thunder Moon, Blessing Moon, Buck Moon, and Meadow Moon. For this ritual blend you will need the following ingredients,

three cups spring water
one cup chamomile flowers
one cup dried hyssop
one-half cup fresh lemon peel
one-half jasmine petals
one-half vervain
one small moonstone crystal
large glass jar

Begin this recipe by simmering the herbal ingredient in the spring water.  Simmer for 5 minutes and allow the brew to cool.  As the ingredients simmer, you may want to state out loud a personal incantation or prayer. Strain the herbs from the water. 

Add the moonstone to the herbal water and pour into the glass jar - seal tightly.  Allow this blend to sit in the light of the moon for one night. Later add this brew to a warm bath. While bathing with this brew - you may burn candles in the colors of  burnt orange, green, light blue, silver, turquoise, and white. - By Firewolf

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