Monday, January 16, 2017

Concordia’s Peaceful Home Floor Wash Recipe

The following recipe can be used to purify your home, attract peaceful and harmonious vibrations and to bring protection against negative forces. For this ritual blend you will need the following ingredients,

one cup spring water
one cup lavender water
one blue-laced agate crystal
one teaspoon jasmine flowers
one teaspoon lavender flowers
one teaspoon sea salt
one teaspoon vanilla extract
three drops white grapefruit essential oil
nine drops jasmine absolute oil
one jars glass jar

Begin this recipe by simmering the herbal ingredient in the spring water.  Simmer for 5 minutes and allow the brew to cool.  As the ingredients simmer, you may want to state out loud a personal incantation or prayer directed towards peace and harmony. You may also state out loud the following,

“Lady Concordia, Queen of peace, ancient one of harmony and balance, I do ask for you to place you magickal favor upon this sacred brew.  May it act as a catalyst of peace, harmony and balance.  I ask that this be correct and right. So mote it be.”

Strain the herbs from the water.  Add to the herbal water and remaining ingredients into the glass jar.  Allow this blend to sit in the light of the sun and moon for three days and three nights.  Later, when cleaning your home, add three tablespoons of this brew to your normal household cleaner.

By Firewolf