Friday, January 13, 2017

Carmenta’s Prophecy Tea Ritual - By Firewolf

The following ritual is intended to be performed on Carmentalia and is designed to gain psychic insight and strengthen intuition.  For this ritual you will need the following ingredients,

one green or light brown candle
rose or frankincense incense stick
one small tumbled gemstone 
tea cup
Prophecy Tea

Before you begin this ritual, brew the herbal ingredients of the Prophecy Tea (listed below) and place in a tightly sealed bottle. Gather the remaining ingredients to a quite place where you will be undisturbed. Light the candle and state out loud a prayer or incantation directed towards calling forth the intuitive favor of the Goddess Carmenta. You may also state out loud the following,

“Great Goddess Carmenta, protector of youth, goddess of life’s first breath, aid me with your intuitive favor, insight and vision, in the most correct and clear manner, harming none.  So mote it be.”

Light the incense and spend a few moments to meditate on your desired goals and intentions. When you are finished, hold the chosen crystal towards your lips and state out loud a prayer or incantation directed towards enhancing and strengthening psychic ability. You may also state out loud the following,

“Psychic sight I wish to see, psychic visions release from me. To see the past with good light, to see the future with keen sight, I call forth ancient power tonight, may this spell be good and right."

Pass the stone through the incense smoke and place it into the empty teacup. Pour the hot tea into the cup. For a few moments, gaze at the surface of the brew - keeping in memory any symbols or images that may appear in your psychic eye. Bring the warm brew to your lips and take a few small sips.
As you sip the hot tea you may state out loud a prayer or incantation directed towards attracting psychic influence, enhancing your personal intuition and/or bringing about spiritual visions. You may also state out loud the following, three times,

“I call forth universal power, to charge this magick here this hour. 
Psychic sight clear and right, I call forth here tonight. So mote it be.”

Spend a few moments to meditate while drinking the tea - be sure to record any and all experiences for later analysis. After you have finished the tea, you may divine your future in the remaining leaves.  The crystal can be later carried or kept with divinatory tool to enhance psychic vision.

Prophecy Tea Recipe

two parts jasmine tea
one part chamomile
one part lemon peel
one part lemongrass
one part osmanthus
one part rose petals
one part yarrow
dash of nutmeg
pinch of saffron
organic honey 

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