Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine’s Seductive Spell Incense Recipe

The ingredients of this blend are believed to attract love and to heighten the passion between two people.  This is a wonderful blend to burn during a romantic engagement or before a Valentine's date.

one teaspoon basil
one teaspoon cloves
one teaspoon coriander
one teaspoon hyssop
one teaspoon jasmine flowers
one teaspoon rose flowers
one teaspoon vanilla bean
one teaspoon cacao bean or cacao powder
two teaspoons honey amber
two teaspoons myrrh resin
two teaspoons orris root powder
three drops cedar essential oil
nine drops jasmine absolute oil
thirteen drops oakmoss absolute oil

Blend and grind the herbs together and add the drops of oil.  Burn this blend on a glowing charcoal during rites directed towards attracting love and heightening sexual desire and passion.  By Firewolf