Friday, November 6, 2015

Yuletide Products Now Available @Superstitious

On this sacred day, we gather to draw in the power of the Witches Winter Holiday Yule. Yule is the longest night and shortest day of the year as well as the beginning of the waxing part of the year. Even though it is in the heart of winter, the days still begin to grow longer. It gives us the hope and thoughts of spring with the knowledge of the sun's rebirth. This is a time that Witches recognize the battle between the Holly King and the Oak King.

The Holly King reaches his time to go to the underworld to allow the Oak King to be reborn and grow to become ready to fertilize the land in spring. In days of old, families would gather for feasts and celebrations to call back the sun. Families spent much of the cold months together to share food and the warmth of the fire. Yule logs were burned as a symbol of calling back the sun. Wreaths were made to hang on doors as a symbol of the wheel of the year and the cycles of life.

Yuletide Products Now Available!  Blessed Samhain!