Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bellona Protection Herbal Water Recipe

On June 3rd, the ancient people of the Mediterranean honored and celebrated the Goddess Bellona. Believed to be the sister of Mars, Bellona, or Enyo to the Greeks, was called upon during matters of protection, war and peace. The following herbal water recipe can be used to sprinkle around one’s home or dwelling to bring protection from negative forces and to reverse negativity sent by another.

two cups spring water
one teaspoon dried borage
one teaspoon dried coriander
one teaspoon dried red roses
two teaspoons crushed cinnamon bark
two teaspoons crushed rose hips
three drops apple oil
three drops cinnamon oil
nine drops rose oil
quartz crystal
red glass bottle
small iron blade or sharp iron nail

On June 3rd or a Tuesday evening during the waning moon, blend the ingredients of this recipe together in the red glass bottle. You may want to recite a personal incantation or chant while blending this brew, dedicated to the Goddess Bellona, asking her for her blessing.  Wear or anoint a few drops of this magickal brew onto the doors and windows of your home to bring protection from negative forces.  If someone is projecting negativity or harm in your direction, write their name on a piece of virgin parchment paper, place the name in a glass vial and fill it with a few tablespoons of this brew.  Seal the bottle tightly.  Bring the bottle to where four roads cross, throw it over your right shoulder and do not look back.

Photo Credits: “Bellona” by ~jeffsimpsonkh -