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Herbal Fertility Charms - By Firewolf

The Beltane festivities bring laughter, joy, community and celebration.  The warm summer sun begins to heat, fertilize and nourish the earth.  During this wonderful time, many seek the power and magick of Beltane; to attract love and specifically to heighten the chances of conception and fertility.

The following charms can be easily employed to aid in conception, to attract fertility and to bring a safe and happy pregnancy.  Some of these plants, flowers and roots may be poisonous; they are not to be consumed or burned without the assistance of a qualified physician/herbalist.

AGARIC: (Poisonous) To bring about fertility, in a green cloth bag place one large raw emerald, three dried agaric caps and an image of yourself.  Leave this charm bag underneath the light of the full moon. While fashioning the charm bag, you may state out loud a prayer or incantation directed towards your goals.  Carry the cloth bag with you for nine days; later bury the bag next to a healthy growing tree.

ALMOND: When experiencing difficulties with conception, place three almonds in a glass bowl.  Soak the almonds in patchouli oil and allow them to sit in the sun for at least five hours.  Later place the almonds in a yellow or black cloth bag for seven days.  If possible it is best to keep the charm bag next to the naval.

BANANA: To increase the chances of getting pregnant, peel three fresh bananas and leave the interior fruit next to a healthy growing tree.  You may state out loud a prayer or incantation asking the good spirit of the tree to aid you in your endeavor.   Later allow the peels to dry in the sun.  Draw yourself a warm bath; to the water add the dried banana peels, two teaspoons of sea salt and one teaspoon of lavender.  Bathe in the warm waters while visualizing yourself pregnant and happy. You may state out loud a prayer or incantation while bathing. This spell is best performed during the waxing or full moon.

BISTORT: To heighten the chances of getting pregnant, blend together three tablespoons of bistort, one teaspoon of dried geranium, and one large seed of any kind.  To this mixture add thirteen drops of rose oil.  Blend the ingredients well.  You may state out loud a prayer or incantation directed towards heightening the chances of fertility while preparing this charm. To bring protection and good health during a pregnancy burn an equal blend of bistort, rose petals and myrrh.  Do this while asking the spirit of Nature and the universe to guide, protect and bring good health you and your baby.  Burn this blend on the full moon.

CYCLAMEN: To bring beauty and protection to a newborn child, soak thirteen cyclamen flowers in fresh spring water.  Allow the flowers to sit in the water under the light of the sun and moon.  Later strain the flowers from the water and sprinkle the brew, in a clockwise direction, around the child’s dwelling.

JUNIPER: To bring ease to a difficult pregnancy, burn a few pinches of crushed juniper berries on a glowing charcoal once a day, for nine days.  You may also carry juniper berries in a black or gold cloth bag to bring protection and to heighten strength during fertility.

MANDRAKE: (Poisonous) To bring about a healthy pregnancy, carry a large mandrake root in a red or black cloth bag with one small rough garnet, one teaspoon of crushed egg shells and a pinch of your hair.  Carry this bag with you for nine days, later bury the bag next to healthy growing tree. To project for a male child add a small gold charm to the bag, or to project for a female child, attach a small silver charm to the bag. 

MISTLETOE: (Poisonous) Dried mistletoe left underneath the front doormat of your home will bring protection and keep sickness away from a newborn child.  To increases the chances of conception, carry mistletoe and a dried avocado pit in a green cloth bag. Anoint the bag with sunflower and rose oil.

OLIVE: To heighten the chances of fertility, burn a blend of dried olive leaves, pine bark and sesame seeds on a glowing charcoal.  While the herbs are burning state out loud a prayer or incantation directed towards fertility and conception.

RICE:  To attract fertility and a safe pregnancy keep a bowl of rice and assorted seeds in which you have anointed with juniper oil next to your bed.  You may also carry a blend of rice and seeds in a black or green cloth bag to aid in conception.

Other Herbs, Flowers, Herbs and Roots employed in Fertility Magick: Acorns, Agapanthus, Apple, Asparagus, Bodhi Leaves, Carrot Leaf, Chestnut, Chickweed, Coreopsis, Cuckoo Flower, Cucumber, Daffodil, Dock, Fig, Gentian, Geranium, Grape, Hawthorn, Hay, Hazelnut, Horsetail, Ivy, Lady’s Mantle, Lavender, Lettuce, Lily, Marshmallow, Monarda, Moonwort, Mugwort, Mustard Seeds, Myrtle, Narcissus, Nuts & Seeds, Oak, Palm, Parsley, Patchouli, Peach, Pelargonium, Pine Cones, Pomegranate, Poppy, Prickly Ash, Pussy-Willow, Sage, Sesame Seeds, Shave grass, Squa Vine, St. John’s Wort, Sunflower, Violet, Wheat, Walnut, Yohimbe, Zucchini

Links & Sources: Image: Cybele, the Goddess of Fertility, the sculpture by Mihail Chemiakin.

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