Monday, November 3, 2014

Snow Moon Body Oil Recipe

With the recent onset of cold weather, I wanted to share this dazzling body oil that can be worn directly on the skin.  The ingredients of this blend are held to be sacred and to correspond with the month of November and the Snow Moon.

• one-ounce coconut oil
• forty-five drops cedarwood oil
• thirty drops narcissus oil
• fifteen drops lemongrass oil
• fifteen drops spearmint oil
• nine drops lemongrass oil

In a dark glass bottle blend the ingredients together. You may want to recite a personal incantation or chant while adding each drop of essential oil.  Wear or anoint a few drops of this magickal potion onto your doors, candles and crystals to aid focus, to attract the influences of the November full moon, to remove negativity and chaos and in working during the month of November.

- By Firewolf

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