Thursday, July 3, 2014

Firewolf’s 4th of July Spell

The following spell is designed to attract all-around positive blessings and personal freedom. This spell is cast before or during any 4th of July celebration. For this spell you will need the following ingredients,
    • one red candle
    • one blue candle
    • one white candle
    • apple oil
    • oak oil
    • rose oil
    • large glass bottle
    • one quartz crystal
    Gather the ingredients of this spell to a quite place where you will be undisturbed.  Blend the oil ingredients together in the large glass bottle.  Anoint each candle with a few drops of the blended oil.  As you blend the oils, focus your thoughts on the 4th of July celebration and those who have fought and died for your independence. Focus your mind on your personal independence and any bonds which you may need to release yourself from.
    Light each candle and state out loud a prayer or incantation directed towards attracting blessings and personal freedom. You may also state out loud the following incantation, three times,

    “Red, white and blue, I call forth magick, good and true.  Brilliant Red, a protective and loving light, guide me with passion each day and night.  Graceful white, spirit of purity, grant me safety and everlasting security.  Royal Blue, power of influence and flow, enchant this charm to bloom and grow. Red, white and blue, I call forth magick, good and true. So mote it be.”

    Place the quartz crystal at the base of the three candles. Allow the candles to burn out completely. Later retrieve the quartz crystal. Leave the quartz crystal next to the grave of a soldier, as a libation of gratitude and remembrance.

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