Wednesday, February 1, 2017

3 Magickal Charms for Imbolg - By Firewolf

Imbolg Love Doll:  On the night of Imbolg, create a small doll using natural materials (plant stalks, cotton cloth, twigs, etc.) decorating it in hues of pink, red and white. On a piece of parchment paper write the attributes of the your ideal lover. Attach the parchment to the doll using pink ribbon. In a large atomizer bottle, blend together twenty drops of Love Potion and one ounce of grain alcohol or distilled water. Spray the doll with the liquid mixture until the doll becomes heavily fragrant. Hide the doll underneath your bed. When your lover manifests - bring the doll to natural place and leave it as an offering to Nature and the powers that be.

Imbolg Protection Witch Bag: In a glass bowl, blend together one teaspoon of sage, two teaspoons of dragon’s blood resin and two teaspoons of vervain. Add to the bowl one large garnet or quartz crystal. On the day and night of Imbolg - leave the bowl in a windowsill to collect the light of the sun and moon. Afterwards, place the ingredients (including the stone) into a red or white cloth bag. Carry this magickal bag to keep away evil forces and to bring protection from negative or otherwise unwanted energies.

Spring Magick Spray: In a large glass bottle blend together five ounces of grain alcohol or distilled water, ten drops of chamomile oil, seven drops of rose oil, three drops of lemon oil, one citrine stone, one clear quartz crystal and one rose quartz crystal.  Sprinkle or spray this brew around your home or office to promote positive energy, growth, and clear roads to success.

By Firewolf

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