Friday, April 22, 2016

Beltane Fire Incense Recipe - By Firewolf

The ingredients of this blend are believed to be sacred to the Witches’ Festival Beltane or May Day.  This blend can be burned on a charcoal briquette or scattered over a roaring Beltane fire. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients,

one teaspoon red rose
one teaspoon hawthorn berries
one teaspoon rosemary
one teaspoon orange peel
one teaspoon pine bark
two teaspoons frankincense resin
two teaspoons myrrh resin
three teaspoons dragon’s blood resin
three drops bergamot essential oil
nine drops rose absolute oil
thirteen drops dragon’s blood oil

Begin by crushing the hawthorn berries.  Blend and grind the herbs together and add the drops of oil.  Burn this blend on a glowing charcoal during rites dedicated towards the Witches’ Festival Beltane or May Day.  This blend may also be burned to attract love, prosperity, protection, success and empowerment.

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