Friday, January 15, 2016

Simple -Imbolg Magick- Incense Recipe

The ingredients of this blend are believed to be sacred and correspond to the Witches’ holiday Imbolg or Candlemas. This specific blend is one of my personal favorites, it’s sweet - yet mysterious aroma – enchants the mind with thoughts of magick and light.

one teaspoon coriander
one teaspoon heather
one teaspoon lemon peel
two teaspoons dragon’s blood resin
two teaspoons honey amber
two teaspoons orris root
three drops neroli oil
nine drops lavender oil
thirteen drops sandalwood oil

Blend and grind the herbs and add the drops of oil.  Burn this blend on a glowing charcoal during rites dedicated to Imbolg, or during rituals focused on attracting blessings, heightening fertility, attracting positive energy, and bringing about renewal of the spirit. - By Firewolf


Photo Credit: Vincent Stiepevich (1841 – 1910) – Burning Incense