Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring Cleaning Wash

Although many are experiencing the chill of winter, spring is soon on the horizon. Clearing unnecessary clutter and chaos around our homes provides physical space cleansing and the sense of accomplishment and structure. This too can and should be done on the spiritual level as well. Each year before Valentine’s Day and our traditional Lupercalia celebrations I use the following recipe to wash my floors and windows. The following recipe can be used at any time to purify your home from negative or otherwise unwanted energies.  It also is created to attract blessings and abundance.
Spring Cleaning Wash

one cup Florida water
one cup spring water
one quartz crystal
one teaspoon basil
one teaspoon mint
one teaspoon rose petals
one teaspoon sea salt
one teaspoon thyme
thirteen drops vanilla oil
one glass jar

Begin this recipe by simmering the herbal ingredient in the spring water.  Simmer for 5 minutes and allow the brew to cool.  Strain the herbs from the water.  Add to the herbal water the remaining ingredients into the glass jar.  Allow this blend to sit in the light of the sun and moon for three days and three nights.  Later, when cleaning your home, add three tablespoons of this brew to your normal household cleaner. By Firewolf