Monday, January 19, 2015

Imbolg Recipe - New Love Incense

On Imbolg (February 1st or 2nd) those of the Old Wisdom become aware that the Sun's energy is slowly growing stronger. The Earth Mother is slowly awakening under the Sun's revitalizing energy. At this time, we call to the Mother to accept this energy and use it to bless us and renew the Earth. We call to the young Sun God to empower him and draw his fertilizing energy back into the Mother. Imbolg marks the welcoming of spring and the festival of the beginning of the end of winter. It is a festival of light and of fertility. Imbolg is the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God. The lengthening periods of light awaken Her. The God is a young, lusty boy, but His power is felt in the longer days. The Earth begins to feel this warmth, marking a return to the months of spring. It originated in Ireland as a holy day for Brigid (pronounced "breed"), the Great Mother Goddess, who was in the form of a bride for the returned Sun God. The word Imbolg is Irish Gaelic for "in the belly" and Oimelc (pronounced “EE-mulk”), means "ewe's milk" in Scots Gaelic. Children born on Imbolg are said to be the "first children of spring" and will always be one step ahead of everyone else. Imbolg is a good time for self-dedication rituals or spells for new beginnings. This holiday is not common to all Pagans. Sometimes referred to as Brigid's day, this Sabbat is very popular among Witches and Celtic Practitioners. Brigid is the Celtic goddess of Fire, Poetry and Healing.

Imbolg New Love Incense

The month of February brings a sense of excitement towards the warmer months ahead.  Many Practitioners of the Old Wisdom spend this time projecting their thoughts and magick on bringing about new beginnings, attracting new love and bring about positive change.  The following recipe can be employed to attract love during the Imbolg and Valentine festivities.  Enjoy!

one teaspoon heather blossoms
one teaspoon red rose buds
one teaspoon vervain
one teaspoon white carnation flowers
three teaspoons dragon’s blood
three drops rose oil
nine drops dragon’s blood oil
thirteen drops vanilla oil
pinch of pink glitter (optional)

Grind and blend the herbal ingredients together and add the drops of oil.  Burn this blend on a glowing charcoal during rites focused on attracting a new lover or to attract all-around positive energy.

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