Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Sacred Twins of the Sea - The Dioscuri

On January 27 the ancient romans celebrated the dedication of the temple of Castor and Pollux, “The Sacred Twins of the Sea.”  Like Diana and Apollo, they too were the children of Jupiter and Ledo, there are multiple stories of their birth, and they are recognized as the constellation Gemini.  We honor them in our Witches Tradition, and draw in their magick to create flow, triumph over adversary, and for success.  Our ancient ancestors marked the days with celebrations, reverence, and adoration of our Ancient Gods and Goddesses.

Homer's Hymn to Castor and Pollux
Ye wild-eyed Muses, sing the Twins of Jove,
Whom the fair-ankled Leda, mixed in love
With mighty Saturn's Heaven-obscuring Child,
On Taygetus, that lofty mountain wild,
Brought forth in joy: mild Pollux, void of blame,
And steed-subduing Castor, heirs of fame.
These are the Powers who earth-born mortals save
And ships, whose flight is swift along the wave.
When wintry tempests o'er the savage sea
Are raging, and the sailors tremblingly
Call on the Twins of Jove with prayer and vow,
Gathered in fear upon the lofty prow,
And sacrifice with snow-white lambs, the wind
And the huge billow bursting close behind,
Even then beneath the weltering waters bear
The staggering ship—they suddenly appear,
On yellow wings rushing athwart the sky,
And lull the blasts in mute tranquility,
And strew the waves on the white Ocean's bed,
Fair omen of the voyage; from toil and dread
The sailors rest, rejoicing in the sight,
And plough the quiet sea in safe delight.

Published by Mrs. Shelley, "Poetical Works", 1839, 2nd edition; dated 1818.