Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Seed Spell

Spring is the perfect season to project wishes, to plant seeds of success and to project for new opportunities.  This simple spell can be employed to manifest one’s desires by planting a small seed!  For this spell you will need the following,
  • a small shovel or spade
  • green ink (organic)
  • one light green candle
  • parchment paper
  • spring water
  • three-thirteen small seeds 

Gather the ingredients of this spell to a place outdoors, during a time in which you will be undisturbed.  Create sacred space in your usual manner. Begin by lighting the green candle.  State aloud a personal prayer or incantation directed towards your specific goal. You may also state the following,

“Flora and Fauna, I welcome you to this place, may this light, reflect your magick and eternal grace.  Heed this spell and aid my charm, bringing only good and keeping away harm. So mote it be.”

Using the green ink, write the wishes and desires you wish to manifest onto the parchment paper. When you are finished, place the seeds in the center of the parchment paper. Fold the paper three times, trapping the seeds inside. Do not fold the parchment paper to tightly. Hold the now parchment packet to your heart.
Close your eyes and focus your thoughts on your desires and wishes. Visualize your desires manifesting. Using the shovel/spade dig a hole and bury the parchment packet.  When you are finished, slowly pour the spring water on top of the hole. As you pour the water onto the hole, state aloud, thirteen times,

“Element of magick bring to me, my desires and wishes, So mote it be.”

Place the candle on top the hole and allow it to burn out completely.  While the candle is burning meditate on your desires and wishes.

- Firewolf 2014
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