Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning Spell!

With the spring air beginning to peak its head over the horizon, many of us find our homes and lives filled with clutter, both physical and spiritual. The following spell is designed to cleanse one’s home from negativity and fill the atmosphere with energies of growth and positivity for the spring season ahead.  For this spell you will need the following,

- charcoal briquette
- daisy oil or floral absolute
- fireproof bowl
- one cup river water
- one orange candle
- one teaspoon cedar
- one teaspoon clary sage
- one teaspoon raw sugar
- one teaspoon rose buds
- small glass bowl
- three fresh yellow roses heads

Gather the ingredients of this spell to your kitchen table, during a time in which you will be undisturbed.  Blend the ROSE BUDS, CEDAR and CLARY SAGE together and add thirteen drops of the DAISY OIL. In the GLASS BOWL blend the RIVER WATER, RAW SUGAR and YELLOW ROSES. Sprinkle the GOLD CANDLE with a few drops of the floral water blend.  Light the candle and state aloud,

“As the Golden Sun warms the earth, he brings love, renewal and rebirth.  With this candle’s flame burning bright, fill my home with a positive and radiant light.  May no evil or ill come from this charm, only growth, love and protection from harm. So mote it be.”

Light the CHARCOAL BRIQUETTE and add a few pinches of the herbal mixture. Walk around your home, counterclockwise, with the smoldering herbs and state aloud a personal prayer or incantation directed towards cleansing and neutralizing unwanted energies.  You may also state the following,

“Flowers and herbs burning here is this place, clear away all negativity and evil from this space.  Fill the air with a glowing light, allowing in, only energies that are good and right. So mote it be.”

Place the bowl back onto the kitchen table.  Walk around your home, clockwise with the floral water  mixture and state aloud a personal prayer or incantation directed towards cleansing and attracting growth and vitality.  You may also state the following,

“Magickal waters, brewed simple and kind, clear away all ill and  bring peace of mind.  Wash away all evil, baneful energies and strife, nourishing this place like a seed springing to life. Fill the air with growth and the scent of roses, bring peace to our hearts and delight to our noses. So mote it be.”

Allow the candle to burn out completely.  Save the floral water blend in a CLEAR or LAVENDER GLASS BOTTLE.  Add a few drops of this magickal elixir to your plants and garden!  You may burn the herbal blend once a day for three days to attract positive energies, to clear away negativity and to attract loving vibrations.

By: Firewolf Copyright 2014 

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