Friday, January 24, 2014

Solitary Ritual to the Dioskouri

On January 27th we honor and celebrate the Dioskouri, Castor and Pollux, 
the Sacred Twins of the Sea!  
For more information of Castor and Pollux: 

Solitary Dioskouri (Castor and Pollux) Ritual

This following ritual can be held in honor of Castor and Pollux.  This ritual is best performed during the sacred day of Castor and Pollux; which falls on January 27th. This ritual’s focus is towards, drawing in the correct energies needed to overcome adversary, to healing past wounds; ensuring a safe and happy journey, and to bring about success in any endeavors.

Tools needed;
blue or green cloth bag
frankincense oil
image or statue of Castor and Pollux/Twins
myrrh oil
one blue candle
one green candle
one green or blue plate
one teaspoon caraway seeds
one teaspoon horehound
one white candle
parchment paper
pin or sharp nail
plate of pears
rose oil
twin shells (two identical shells)
two small glasses of ice water
two teaspoons sandalwood

Gather the ingredient of this ritual to your altar or kitchen table, during a time in which you will be undisturbed. Place the GLASS PLATE in the center of your ALTAR/TABLE. Using the PIN/SHARP NAIL, engrave the Gemini Glyph (representing Castor and Pollux) onto the side of each CANDLE.  Anoint each CANDLE with ROSE OIL. Onto the plate, place the IMAGE/STATUE. 
Place the BLUE CANDLE to the left of the GLASS PLATE, the GREEN CANDLE to right and the WHITE CANDLE in the center of the GLASS PLATE. Onto the PARCHMENT, write down what you desire to triumph over or to achieve and place aside. Create Sacred Space in your usual manner. Begin by lighting the WHITE CANDLE while stating aloud or to yourself, a personal prayer; inviting the Dioskouri into your magickal space.  You may also state aloud the following,

“Great Dioskouri, mighty mermen of the sea, great luminous thunder you forever will be, I beseech thee during this sacred rite, guide me with your heavenly light.  Sacred Twins, mortal and divine, I am here in this space in your honor and reverence. May you grant upon me your favor and light.  I welcome you here in this magickal place tonight. So mote it be.”

Light the BLUE CANDLE and state aloud a prayer or invocation, calling Castor into your magickal space. You may also state the following,

“Youthful Castor, I invite you here in this magickal place. Great Horsemen of the tides, may you guide this ritual with you strength and grace.  Be here with me during this sacred rite, guiding me with your magickal light. So mote it be.”

Light the GREEN CANDLE and state aloud a prayer or invocation, calling Pollux into your magickal space. You may also state the following,

“Youthful Pollux, I invite you here in this magickal place.  Great Boxer of strength and might, guide this ritual with your magickal light. So mote it be.”

Burn a few pinches of the SANDALWOOD on the glowing charcoal.  Smudge the space and yourself with its smoke. State aloud an incantation directed towards purification and empowerment.  You may also state the following,

“Castor and Pollux, I call to thee, to remove from me all evil and negativity.  Remove all that is bad, ill and of strife, guiding me towards a successful and happy life.  So mote it be.”

In the GLASS BOWL blend together the SANDALWOOD, CARAWAY and HOREHOUND. To this blend add thirteen drops of both the FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH OIL.  Blend together and place the herbs into the BLUE/GREEN CLOTH BAG. To the bag, also add the TWIN SHELLS.  Using the ROSE OIL draw a star onto the PARCHMENT PETITION.  Fold the PARCHMENT PETITION three times. 
Kiss the PAPER and make a wish associated with triumphing over adversary. Place into the CLOTH BAG.  Tie the CLOTH BAG tightly, with four knots. Hold the CLOTH BAG in both hands.  Close your eyes and envision green and blue light surrounding and empowering the bag. In your mind state a personal prayer to Castor and Pollux, asking for their aid in triumphing over adversary, healing past wounds; to ensure a safe and happy journey or to bring about success in your endeavors. 
Place the PLATE OF PEARS and both CUPS OF FRESH WATER before the IMAGE /STATUE of Castor and Pollux.  State aloud a personal prayer or incantation of libation towards Castor and Pollux.  You may also state the following,

“May this humble offering I give to you, bring to luck that is good and true, may you answers my magickal plea, aiding me here on this magickal circle, 
So mote it be.”

Present the CHARM BAG to Castor and Pollux, placing it on the PLATE.  State aloud a personal prayer or incantation asking Castor and Pollux to grant their magickal favor upon you and infuse your charm bag with their power.  You may also state the following,

“May only Good Spirits, bless this charm, created with magick and protected from harm.  I ask for your blessing on this charm tonight, filling it with you magickal light.  So mote it be.”

Allow the CANDLES to burn out completely.  Afterwards, leave the PEARS and ICE WATER outdoors, as an offering to Castor and Pollux.  Carry the bag with you to attract success and to triumph over adversary.