Friday, January 10, 2014

Carmentalia - Go Vegan!

On January 11th and 15th the ancient Roman’s celebrated and honored the Goddess Carmenta.  To the ancients, Carmenta was the Goddess of Childbirth, Technology, Prophecy, Destiny, Children, and Music.  As the Goddess of Children and Childbirth, many gave offerings to Carmenta, to conceive a child, as well as to ensure a safe delivery.  Her ancient followers would remove any and all leather garments during any celebration dedicated to Carmenta, being a Patron to Midwives and a Goddess of Birth, Carmenta opposes anything made from animal flesh.  As a Goddess of Prophecy and Destiny, Carmenta is believed to see in both the past and future, many perform divinatory rites during Carmentalia focused on child-bearing and configuring the sex of a child already within a womb.  Her aspect as a Goddess of Technology, originated from the belief that it was Carmenta who invented the Latin alphabet.  
Many invoke her to aid in writing, music and poetry.  The name Carmenta is derived from the word charm or spell, which many associate with written incantations and invocations of witchcraft. Carmenta is sometimes associated with the God Janus, for their festivals are so closely together and both are known to have the ability to see into the future and past. Carmenta, like Janus, also has multiple faces and epithets.  In the guise of Carmenta Postvorta, she was the Goddess of the past and was present during childbirth, when the child was born head-first.  As Carmenta Antevorta, she was the Goddess of the future and was present during childbirth, when the child was born feet-first.  In the ancient times, prayers dedicated to her were spoken during labor, to ensure a safe and healthy delivery.  In the Witches’ tradition, during this time, we focus our energies and magick towards creativity and focus on present goals.  
For those who wish to conceive a child, this is a wonderful time to create a fertility charm or perform divination on your present desires and wishes. We also call upon Carmenta in our magick and witchcraft, when writing incantations, poetry and rhymes, for her aid in inspiration and muse.  Today, many of us choose to “Go Vegan” in honor of Carmenta, not only to ensure a safe and steady path, but also to infuse ourselves with strength and inspiration.  Her sacred colors are green and white, offerings of vegetables, fruits, cookies, and pastries are given to her.  Blessed Carmentalia!

Fertility Charm Bag:  In a clear glass bowl, blend together one teaspoon of dried heather blossoms, one teaspoon of black poppy seeds and seven small beans. To this blend add thirteen drops of rose oil.  Blend together thoroughly. While blending, envision and project your desired goal. Carry in a green or pink cloth bag to aid in conceiving a child! When you become pregnant, keep the charm hidden underneath your bed, to bring a safe and healthy delivery.

Kyle Brandon Leite Copyright. 2014