Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blessed Agonalia!

Today, January 9th, is held sacred to Janus, the God of Creation, Beginnings and Endings.  As Witches’ and followers of the Old Ways, we celebrate and feast, in honor of Janus and direct our magick and thoughts towards future goals, breaking obstacles, bringing about new beginnings, and attracting new opportunities.  In this blog, I have included a simple ritual that anyone can use, to participate in this magickal occasion.  My intentions are to share some “Old Wisdom” with you the reader.  This ritual’s focus in to bring and attract new beginnings and can also be used to open roads towards success. Enjoy!

Simple Agonalia Ritual

This simple ritual can be preformed in honor of the God Janus, to project for positive change and to bring about new beginnings.  For this ritual you will need the following,
  • image of Janus or mask
  • bowl of water
  • candle snuffer or spoon
  • charcoal briquette
  • glass of wine
  • one black candle
  • one red candle
  • one teaspoon frankincense
  • plate of cookies (cinnamon)
  • small towel
  • your altar
You may want to dress in the sacred colors of Janus, which are black, blue and red. Begin this ritual by creating sacred space in your usual manner.  Place the black candle to the left of the altar and the red candle to the right.  Place the image/mask and the glass of wine in the center of you altar.  Place the rest of the tools on the floor. Begin by burning a few pinches of the frankincense resin and allow the smoke to fumigate the room. Raise the bowl of water to the sky, above your altar, and state aloud,

“May you be here, all that is good in nature, may you infuse this water with light and purity, may you guide me during this magickal rite, So mote it be.”

Wash your hands in the bowl of water, use the small towel to dry your hands afterwards.  While washing your hands, release any and all negativity you may be carrying into the water.  You may state aloud a personal incantation or prayer, directed towards purification of the mind, body and soul.  You may also state the following,

“Good Spirits of water, cleanse my mind from all negativity, cleanse my body from all that may be ill, cleanse my soul and fill it with light.  Blessed Be.”

Light the black candle and state aloud,

“I light this candle to cause no harm and bring only good from this magickal charm, draw in magick, power and light, aid me here in the magickal rite. 
Blessed Be.”

Light the red candle and state aloud,

“I light this candle to cause no harm and bring only good from this magickal charm, may my prayers be heard above, granting my prayers and guiding me with love. Blessed Be.”

Holding the plate of cookies in your hands, gaze at the image/mask for a few moments, meditating on Janus.  During this time focus your mind on your personal views, examine your views and focus your mind on opposite views, examine possible understanding.  When you are finished, begin to focus your mind on what you desire to achieve in the future.  Hold the plate of cookies and state aloud a personal incantation or prayer, directing your thoughts and wishes to Janus, you may  also state the following,

“I beseech thee Oh Two Faced king, you who sees the past and future, I call you here in this sacred space, to aid me with your magickal favor.  Great, Janus, king of kings, you who are every beginning and you who are every ending, I ask you to aid me on my path, open doorways so I may walk towards success, bring about new beginnings so I may fuel my drive, grant me knowledge of my past so I may prosper in the future. I leave this humble offering, for today is your feast, may you grant blessings upon all those I love, may we never hunger, may we never suffer, may we never be ill, and may we never be without light.  Blessed be Janus, Great Two Faced King.  May you guide on my path. Blessed be!”

Spend a few moments and meditate on your goals, aspirations and future plans.  When you are finished, leave the wine and cookies outside as an offering to Janus. Snuff the black candle out using the candlesnuffer/spoon.  Allow the red candle to burn out completely.  Burn the black candle one-third downwards, for three days, you may recite an incantation or prayer directed towards opening roads and new beginnings.

Kyle Brandon Leite 
Copyright. 2014