Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year's and New Roads

It’s time to Party! With the New Year ahead, many practitioner’s of magick spend this time of transition, to focus our magick towards opening new roads, planting seeds of future success, manifesting desires, and attracting abundant opportunities.
The ancient Romans held the month of January, sacred to Janus… the Good God of Gates, Doorways and New Beginnings. Usually depicted, having two faces, one male and one female, Janus symbolically represents “The Divine Androgyny” and “The Law of Duality.” Janus teaches us that everything is dual, all is; both female and male… wrong and right… white and black. 
We as witches take this knowledge and philosophy and apply it to our everyday magickal workings.  The symbolism of Janus and it’s “deeper meaning” is a simple foundation to truly understanding “duality”  and all encompassing.  Janus teach us that past was yesterday and the future is tomorrow, the present is our own personal journey and accumulation of  decisions. 
New Year’s marks a Universal moment in which race, religion, sexuality, and economical status has no validity. In the Witches’ Tradition… our New Year’s traditionally falls on Halloween.  But, with that said, in every culture there are moments of passage… celebrations of transition and progression. With that alone… this time should be acknowledged and honored… for it is the perfect example of Universal Unity!
It is a time when all in the world focus on Newness, in all its aspects and facets.  We as Witches’ project our magick towards attracting luck, cleansing evil, purifying ourselves and homes, obtaining victory towards future goals, and attracting abundant opportunity.  We incorporate the use of Solar Herbs in our magick to attract light, warmth, wealth, luck and good fortune for the New Year!  Many of us focus on our New Year’s resolutions and future plans… Magick is in each one of us, it is in our minds, our bodies and our spirits.”

 "Janus"- watercolour by Tony Grist