Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Charge to New Year's - Firewolf

“Listen O’ Great Ones of Nature and of the Universe.
Those Good Spirits of beginnings, endings and that which is between.
Those Good Spirits who bring New Roads and a Successful Path.
I call upon your magick and power here today, Ancient Ones of love and light.
May you guide me and aid me in overcome all adversary:
The adversary inside of myself, as well as adversary around me.
May you Good Spirits mark this day as a magickal time of change and transition.
From the powers of Earth, grant me New Roads,
that lead to a strong and successful path, both substantial and progressive,
Growing, as a seed of dreams, nourished by determination.
From the powers of Air, cleanse me from all negativity, cleanse me from doubt, and cleanse me from all that may be of wickedness.
From the powers of Fire, surround me with a wall of protection:
That even the darkest of evils cannot penetrate.
Fill me with enough passion to fuel my dreams
and actions that are sovereign and righteous.
From the powers of Water, may you supply spiritual fluidity,
guiding me as I pass through my own cycles, as I learn, and as I grow.
I call upon the Goddess of New Beginnings and Rebirth,
may She bless me with her favor and love.
I call upon the Infant God of Opening Doors and New Beginnings,
may He bless me with his favor and love.
Good Spirits of New Beginnings, I and the world turn my calendar once again
and mark this time of universal transition.
With this charge, join me here.
Aid me here, with spiritual and physical flow,
guiding me as I travel down this river of dreams.
Aid me with success and fortune, for you are the bringers of wealth.
Surround me with love and unity, for that is what you are.
May you grant me with abundant opportunity; both spiritual and physical.
Good Spirits, guide and protect me this New Year, and all those ahead.
This charge has been spoken, with words and breath,
To you Good Spirits this magickal token, of rebirth, life, and death. So mote it be.”