Sunday, October 13, 2013

Samhain - A Time of Reflection

In the Witches tradition, many of us spend the Halloween festivities, reflecting on lessons we have learned, moments of pure delight and happiness, and moments of sorrow and despair. The sun begins to weaken and wane and the cold darkness of winter lies ahead.  As the veil between worlds becomes thinner, our ancestors surround us, and hold us in their love and protection.To my ancestors, Halloween was a time of a joyous celebration in reverence and honor to those were passed amongst the veil between worlds.  During this time we seek counsel from those beyond our physical eyes.  From them we receive wisdom and comfort.
I myself sit back and spend this time reflecting on my own personal past, as well as the present.  From these sometimes, shattering reflections, my soul is infused and strengthened by the clear lessons of self-responsibility and the growth of my personal integrity.  When we reflect as human beings, we visualize the memories of our past, the lessons that we have learned, and those lessons which were belated.
I am inspired by the ancient story of Proserpine and Dis, a story that is known by many as the “Rape of Persephone.”  From this story we are told that the Spring Goddess is taken away by the Lord and King of the Underworld. This story then leads to her Mother’s desperate search for her daughter.  Then…. which you no one could forget… the Spring Goddess eats three pomegranate seeds, sealing her in the Underworld forever.  Later the King of Heaven intervenes and allows the Spring Goddess to spend one third of the year to herself, one third of the year with her Mother, and the last third, as the Wife and Queen to the Lord of the Underworld.
This story has a great ending and from that ending, we have been given the story of the seasons.  If you re-examine the story you will find many insinuations leading to the idea, that is was Proserpine choice to divide her year, showing her affection, admiration, and love to the King of the Underworld. This many surpass, due to ignorance and ill-thoughts surrounding Death and the Dead.
If you look at the lessons in this tale like a television show, it can be interpreted differently, specifically this story, which has multiple translations.  Nevertheless, the deeper meaning of Death and Life are blatantly expressed throughout this tale.  When we reflect on our lives, we must remember that we are a part of the ebb and flow of the earth and universe.  As time passes, memories fade and wounds begin to hide beneath age and experience.  We must as human beings, strive to better ourselves everyday and fill ourselves with light.  This very light is the light which keeps us warm during the cold months, when the bare earth sheds Herself, to begin anew.  At some point in life, many of us may have felt it was time to “shed some skin,” to bring about positive change and awareness, using compassion as a sword and sovereignty as a shield.
Reflecting now, as I write this blog, I am humbled by my personal experiences and I see the newness and excitement in all things around me.  I focus my mind, heart and magick on the true lessons of Death and Life, that lesson which lies in between.  That lesson is… Rebirth and in many cases to begin Anew.
To begin Anew…  in all aspects of life, moving forward; happily and productively, and abolishing insecurity, doubts, and worry.  In this tale, the Spring Goddess was said to be picking the anemone flower.  The Anemone flower was believed to grow near the many entrances of Hades, all around Europe.  Was her favorite flower the Flower of the Dead?
What lies between Death and Life?… a simple lesson of Oneness and Rebirth. For one could not be without the other.  In all aspects of life, whether in our careers, families, or relationships, this too is tied to the ebb and flow of the universe. Understanding this, fills the soul with stability, integrity, honor and allows us to love. Both Love for ourselves and others. We must learn to appreciate everything around us, love those who hate, help those in need, and use compassion as the foundation of our spirit.  From this our soul evolves and dances in magick and light.  We become aware of ourselves and that which is around us, becoming one with the Universe.  Happy Halloween!

Be sure to check out the story of Proserpine and Dis this Halloween, may it inspire and strengthen your spirit!