Sunday, July 14, 2013

To Medusa

The ancient people of the Mediterranean revered and honored the fearsome image of the gorgon.  This female creature, whose name means “dreadful,” was believed to magickally transform, into stone, any who lie their eyes upon her.  In witchcraft and magick the gorgon is called upon to bring protection and victory.  In a small black bag, place some fresh snake sheds, one small stone, and a few drops of protection oil.  Bring this bag to the crossroads, and ask the gorgon queen for protection and/or victory. Carry the bag with you, or keep it hidden in your home to keep evil at bay, and negativity far from you and those you love.

“I humbly call upon you O’ Great Gorgon Queen, who’s beauty is both deadly and unseen.  Strong and quick, you never fall; with that strength, to you I call.  Protected from your eye’s mysterious charm, I mean this spell to be correct and cause no harm.  With your hair that squirms with snakes that bite, hear this humbly plea I speak tonight.  Protect me and mine, and this sacred place, hear my call from time and space. I bow for your favor and magickal might, to protect those and me I love every day and every night. So mote it be.”

Firewolf 2013