Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lupercalia - "The Red Wolf"

In our Witches tradition, we celebrate Lupercalia, an ancient festival of our Greco-Roman ancestors. To some this is the time of the "Red Wolf Spirit," which guides one towards purification of the mind, body and soul, leaving only positive energy, growth and good health. I myself anticipate this wonderful holiday and now am concocting the many magickal rituals for "spring cleaning" ahead. Lupercalia is an ancient roman festival dedicated to a Satyr type Nature God or "Spirit." This spirit brings many blessings and can be be called soon to aid with strength and cleanse. It is bet to burn red candles to honor Lupercus, and to burn a heaping blend of cinnamon bark, frankincense, copal, a pinch of wolf hair, and a pinch of Hawaiian red salt. This herbal blend can also be carried in ones pocket in a red or white bag to attract good health and growth. It can also be burned as an all around "purification incense."

Wolf Hair can be purchase online, it should be from a live shedding wolf.

Blessed Lupercalia!
Happy Valentine's Day