Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Models and Maypoles?

I have no interest in writing about television; I am unfortunately not a fan of TV.  But, after much anticipation of Rihanna’s performance (which gave me chills throughout my whole body) during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I was blissfully reminded of the first Beltane celebration I attended, as I saw the beautiful model, representing the month of May, working the runway with a Maypole in hand.  On May 1st or May Eve, we as Witches celebrate the marriage or union of the God and Goddess, the male and female aspects of Divinity. In the Witches’ Craft the Maypole symbolizes the Masculine forces of the Divine, joining the Feminine, symbolizing the Unity, and Duality of the Divine.  Although it was probably not intended, during the fashion show to have an association with the Witches’ Craft, it still brought a tear to my eye and smile on my face. I was barely 16 when I was invited to my first Beltane Celebration, and was lucky to still be young enough to enjoy the simple wrappings of the Maypole, which in my heart I knew and understood it’s deeper meaning.  I don’t look at the Victoria’s Secret runway show as a “big deal” or “statement of tolerance” towards the Neo-Pagan community, but it does remind me of how the magick of the Old Ones still thrives, even in the most unthought-of places.

Kudos to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Very awesome!
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