Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain!

Waking up this morning, with the chill of the rain creeping underneath my blankets, I was reminded of earlier days, growing up in Massachusetts.  The chill of Jack Frost is in the air, even in Florida, and Halloween is only a few steps ahead.  I am so excited, I finally have been able to sit down, and ground my energies.  This was a tediously busy season, but I am proud and excited of our progress and accomplishments, as well as future projects ahead. 
My mind, during this delightful time of year, concentrates on Death, Life, Rebirth, and the story of Proserpine and Dis. I begin to fill my home with the last bit of light of the ever-waning Sun, and project magick of peace, prosperity, health, and family.  
Sometime Death puzzles me, I hear all these stories of “Fearing Death,” and somehow do not understand that mentality, death is natural, and it is part of the cycle of Life.  As to with Magick, without Death there would be no life, so understanding death, with taboos aside, and examining its beauty, strengthen our magickal connection to the world around us.  I ponder my visual thoughts of the Great King of the Dead, Dis, (Roman: Pluto Greek: Hades), I was taught to see him as the “Owner of the Earthly Treasures,” not this fearsome “Reaper in a Black Cloak.”
Although the stories and myths of the King of the Dead make him gruesome, I have never seen it that way.  I see the sovereignty and reverence in all it’s being.  “Even in the deepest of Darkness, there is a shining Light.” In a sense I’d like to say that that light; is the light of Rebirth, it is that which is between Death and Life.  For thousands of years, the Halloween Celebration, the magick of Death itself… is honored, adored, and revered by many; it like our ancestors has survived the dusts of time.  Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain! 

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