Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blessed Harvest!

A few days, while out shopping and running errands, there it was, I stopped and gazed my eyes upon a bright orange JACK-O-LANTERN vase. Halloween is coming and holy crap, is it coming fast. With all of the delightful autumn festivities ahead, I am almost geeking out with excitement of the magick and projects ahead.  This years Halloween has me so excited and with the release of my Newest Perfume “Oya’s Storm”, and the new publishing of my book  Firewolf’s Book of Spells Book One” by Llumina Press, my plate is full, and soon I will be able begin the new projects I have had my mind focused on and tied up over.   My attempts to avoid the brutal heat have been somewhat successful... ;) and my present studies in Caribbean herbal lore have become prosperous and plentiful.  Blessed Be!

Check out my Newest Perfume, a delightful blend of Guava and Kalachuchi Flowers, sacred to the Caribbean Spirit of the Winds, it is worn to bring PROTECTION, WARRIOR STRENGTH and TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES.