Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blessed Be!

Here in southern Florida, the sky is full of rain and thunder, and the sun pours heat downwards, almost as if you were lying in a tanning bed.  It becomes difficult to focus on daily workings and tasks, while we are receiving Nature’s beautiful blessings….sarcasm. 
Things are moving fast with Superstitious, and I am completely indulged in the projects ahead.  With the release of our new Magickal Potion Collection, “Firewolf’s Ye Olde Witches’ Brew” in mid August, I anticipate what projects will come thereafter. I am so excited with this recent collection, for each potion is only brewed once, leaving some oils one of a kind, and others two of a kind.  The bottles are ornately decorated with beads and crystals charged and blessed in the Witches’ Magick Circle, it’s funny how this magickal collection was actually created, it was purely accidental. 
After a stressful week, my creativity was shot, I began to flip through my personal Book of Shadows, I noticed recipes that we seldom use, and have usually been given to me by others as well as a few creations of my own, that I merely kept record of.  I thought to myself “Not only are these useful, but other people can really appreciate these blends in their magick!”  I began to copy the recipes on a piece of paper, and realized I had a wonderful display of Magickal Potions and Oils. 
Beyond the release of our next collection, I am beginning now to prepare for the autumnal equinox festivities ahead, this has always been my favorite time of year, and memories or earlier days with my beloved Witch Family consume my mind.  I would also like to make a special THANK YOU to all those who attended my “Witches’ Magick Mirror Workshop” at CELESTIAL TREASURES 3444 Main Highway, #3, Coconut Grove, FL 33133, I had a spectacular time and hope to see all of those who attended again! Blessed Be!