Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Stress

I can feel the warm heat of summer, lingering over the horizon.  Although I’d rather be at the beach, bathing in the summer sun, I find myself surrounded by piles of research material for my next book, which seems to be progressing faster than I could have ever imagined.  Today marks a sacred holiday in our tradition of Witchcraft. It is the day sacred to Flora, the Spring Goddess of my ancestors. 
At this time we cast spells for prosperity, healing, and many are seeking the healing of Flora and directing it towards their own personal love lives, which She seems to show compassion to.  The Lesson of Flora herself, the mystery She holds within, is the mystery of creation.  Flora represents the ever turning season and the magick that lies within the earth and it’s ever-turning wheel of life. 
We as mortal humans are tied within this same web of life, death, and rebirth. We as Witches’ embrace Flora and draw within ourselves her magick to aid us in growing stronger and healthier towards success.
  My brain is filled with so many distractions, it is becoming harder to concentrate and I seek discipline from Flora.  A friend recently stated to me, ‘How do you do this all day, without being drained.”  Well, I have learned through the years that this path I walk is a path of self-earned honor and integrity, the sense of success, change, and accomplishment has become the gasoline to my engine.  I am at a point in life where I have learned how to dismiss the negativities that life can sometimes bring you, and focus on myself and strive to reawaken the sovereignty my teachers so dearly stressed. 
The world around me seems to still glitter with ever glance and I am humbled to have received the blessings the Old Ones have placed upon my path.  The scent of fresh flowers and the crisp ocean breeze fills every crevice of my home and my magick.  Beyond all this ranting, I ask those to take their time and examine the magick of Flora, and celebrate life for it simplicity and beauty.

A Special Thanks to Justin, Gizmo, and Lucky, I truly love you guys.